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Elyasi brothers, as the founders of the collection, started their activity in the field of importing clothes from England, Italy, Germany and Turkey by following their father’s profession in 1355. After several years and according to the interactions created with the clothing manufacturers in Turkey, an opportunity was provided to participate with one of the prestigious factories of this country, and the production started in Turkey with the LC Man brand, and of course, at the same time, activities were also carried out in four semi-industrial workshops in Iran. They continued. Gradually, with the development of the market and the increase in demand, they decided to establish a men’s clothing production unit with the world’s standards in Iran, and in 2013, with the cooperation of domestic experts and consultants from Germany and Italy, they succeeded in setting up one of the most modern industrial factories for the production of clothing in the Middle East. They were planted on an area of one hectare in an industrial town.

LC Man brand, relying on technical knowledge and long experience along with understanding the needs of customers, is trying to take a big step in the field of clothing production with a production worthy of the people of Iran. My LC team is motivated and active in trying to meet the needs of its customers through the production and supply of diverse and high-quality products and efforts towards progress and gaining high experience in the field of fashion and clothing.

Elyasi Brothers

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Vision statement

  • Creating globally recognized brands.
  •  Creativity, innovation, entrepreneurship and production of distinctive products and services with the best quality and the most appropriate price to become the most admired Iranian company.
  • Dynamic job creation.

Mission statement

  • Our mission at LC Man is to create an effective relationship with customers and produce and supply products suitable for all ages and tastes, the success of our group depends on innovation, creativity and striving for excellence. As the largest clothing manufacturer in the region, LCM offers new experiences and concepts in the field of business and customer orientation. Our group’s mission is to overcome shortcomings with foresight.


  • The LC MAN head office is the palce that
    ensures high quality bussiness activities with
    maximum efficiency service and profitablity
    for organisation.
    The LC MAN head office includes the
    following departments :
    – SCM
    – Merchandising
    – Oprational team
    – Visual merchandising
    – CRM team (call center , online shop
    customer caring , after sale service)
    – Marketing (digital , B&M , …)
    – Online experinsee team
    – IT
    – Accounting & finance
    – Loss profit ( inventory controllers , …)